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About Plastic Surgery and Plastic Surgeons with Dr. Daniels
Dr. Daniels explains why he went into plastic surgery, what to look for in a plastic surgeon and what plastic surgeons can do for their patients.
Added: 3229 days ago by MDanielsMD
Runtime: 66.66
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Background, Education, Qualifications of Dr. Kress
Dr. Kress explains his background and his dedication to safety and excellence.
Added: 3247 days ago by DonaldKressMD
Runtime: 174.71
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Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
Dr. Gary Vela of Maryland stresses the importance of real Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and why you should seek a surgeon who is certified.
Added: 3120 days ago by VelaMD
Runtime: 29.98
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Boomer Plastic Surgery - Choosing a Surgeon - Washington DC
Dr. Singh of Chevy Chase, MD describes in detail what certification, education and more to look for in a plastic surgeon.
Added: 3045 days ago by IvyPS
Runtime: 404.80
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Choosing a Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Kress of Maryland
Dr. Kress explains what to look for when choosing a surgeon including types of certification.
Added: 3247 days ago by DonaldKressMD
Runtime: 77.18
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Cohesive Gel Implants San Francisco - Board Certification
What does it mean to be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon? Discussion of breast augmentation, breast lifts and new cohesive gel breast implants.
Added: 3054 days ago by MeleMD
Runtime: 285.77
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Credentials of Dr. Richard Chaffoo
In this video, the patient is introduced to Dr. Chaffoo and his credentials are explained, including his Triple Board Certification.
Added: 2177 days ago by RChafooMD
Runtime: 151.58
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Importance of Board Certification and Trends in Surgery
Dr. Wiener discusses the importance of choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in light of the Donde West tragedy. He goes on to discuss wrinkle erasing procedures with laser treatment, Silicone Breast Implants, Ultrasonic Liposuction and the Mid-Facelift.
Added: 3229 days ago by GWienerMD
Runtime: 303.49
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What It Means To Be Board Certified
Dr. Carli explains the different types of board certification and what you need to look for.
Added: 3251 days ago by AlexanderCarliMD
Runtime: 151.82
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