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Breast Aug Patient Learns About Dr. Grover on Internet
A Breast Augmentation Patient in Newport Beach read about Dr. Grover on the internet prior to scheduling a consultation. She answers questions about her experience.
Added: 3148 days ago by SanjayGroverMD
Runtime: 97.04
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Breast Augmentation Testimonial Phoenix - Scottsdale - AZ
A nurse at a hospital and plastic surgery center, Sarah got to know Dr. Cohen and trusted him to perform her breast augmentation in Phoenix. In this video, you can get a glimpse into her post-surgical consultation with Dr. Cohen just 2 days after surgery and learn more about why she chose him for her procedure. I never expected that I would bounce back like this, says Sarah, who is extremely pleased with her results.
Added: 2953 days ago by RCohenMD
Runtime: 130.46
Views: 10061 | Comments: 0
Breast Reconstruction Surgery with Dr. Riou
Dr. Rious allows viewers into the consultation process of a Breast Reconstruction for this North Carolina patient
Added: 1691 days ago by JPRiouMD
Runtime: 809.38
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Chicago Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation - Illinois
What to expect in a consultation with Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Sheldon Seidman.
Added: 2930 days ago by SeidmanDDS
Runtime: 26.83
Views: 8698 | Comments: 0
Creating a Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Treatment Plan
Dr. Glatt walks you through the process of creating a treatment plan for your needs and desires.
Added: 3169 days ago by DrBrianGlatt
Runtime: 64.46
Views: 42765 | Comments: 0
Dr. Engler - Ricki Lake - Breast Enlargement for Cindy
Selections from Dr. Alan Engler on Ricki Lake. Ricki documents patient Cindy and her breast enhancement from consultation through post-surgery.
Added: 3255 days ago by AlanEnglerMD
Runtime: 286.88
Views: 34157 | Comments: 0
Dr. Roy Kim of San Francisco
Dr. Roy Kim discusses his practice and his experience as well as what to expect in a consultation.
Added: 3253 days ago by RoyKimMD
Runtime: 178.25
Views: 41158 | Comments: 0
Initial Consultation - Plastic Surgery - Orange County
What to look for in your initial consultation with a plastic surgeon in Orange County.
Added: 2991 days ago by BunkisMD
Runtime: 84.33
Views: 8864 | Comments: 0
Initial Consultation with Dr. Richard Chaffoo
An explanation of the process during a patient's initial consultation with Dr. Chaffoo.
Added: 2181 days ago by RChafooMD
Runtime: 59.26
Views: 10773 | Comments: 0
Initial Cosmetic Dentistry Examination - Consult - Chicago
Dr. Sheldon Seidman examines patient Steve for the first time in his patient consultation.
Added: 2930 days ago by SeidmanDDS
Runtime: 78.43
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Introduction to Romanelli Plastic Surgery in New York
Long Island Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. James Romanelli discussions the process of the patient consultation
Added: 2111 days ago by JRomanelliMD
Runtime: 87.72
Views: 9032 | Comments: 0
Nashville Plastic Surgery Consultation
Dr. Gingrass and Dr. Haws describe your first plastic surgery consultation.
Added: 3049 days ago by NashvilleTN
Runtime: 115.73
Views: 7423 | Comments: 0
New Plastic Surgery Patient Consultations in Northern NJ
Patient Care Coordinator Jane Walker explains the process of a new patient's initial consultation.
Added: 3169 days ago by DrBrianGlatt
Runtime: 65.00
Views: 45526 | Comments: 0
Patient Consultation
Want to schedule a breast implant consultation with Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Ciaravino? Learn about what will take place during your consultation now!
Added: 2523 days ago by Ciaravino
Runtime: 80.00
Views: 10922 | Comments: 0
Patient Consultation - Jane Meets with Dr. Metzner
On Changing Faces TV, Jane has her consultation with Dr. David Metzner.
Added: 2894 days ago by DavidMetznerMD
Runtime: 80.84
Views: 7977 | Comments: 0
Pre-Admission Hospital Visit for Iowa City Plastic Surgery
A patient on her pre-admission visit to the hospital on the day of her surgery
Added: 3253 days ago by IowaCPS
Runtime: 309.10
Views: 26072 | Comments: 0
Pre-Op Appointment 1/4: Introduction
Introduction to what a pateient experiences on the day of her surgical procedure
Added: 3253 days ago by IowaCPS
Runtime: 313.19
Views: 30306 | Comments: 0
San Antonio Plastic Surgery Consultation - Dr. Gary Lawton
Dr. Gary Lawton walks us through the initial consultation in his San Antonio Plastic Surgery office.
Added: 3050 days ago by LawtonMD
Runtime: 39.50
Views: 11100 | Comments: 0
Schedule a Consultation
Schedule a consultation today with Sugar Land plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Ciaravino.
Added: 2523 days ago by Ciaravino
Runtime: 26.07
Views: 8241 | Comments: 0
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery - Initial Consultation
Your initial consultation with Dr. Behmand, San Francisco Plastic Surgeon in Walnut Creek.
Added: 2491 days ago by RBehmandMD
Runtime: 71.85
Views: 4485 | Comments: 0
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