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All Bright Smile - Dental Implants Testimonials - Las Vegas
Have you always wanted straight white teeth? With Cosmetic Dentistry many things are possible today that were not possible just a few years ago. Utilizing the latest dental technology for materials and procedures Dr. Saeid Mohtashami is able to achieve what is often referred to as Instant Orthodontics.
Added: 2604 days ago by Mohtashami
Runtime: 105.37
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Botox - Radiesse - Juvederm - Dallas - Testimonials
Patients David, Melinda and Leann discuss their experiences with Botox and fillers at Regional Plastic Surgery Center.
Added: 2738 days ago by RegionalPSC
Runtime: 64.27
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Breast Augmentation Testimonial - Dr. Roy Kim
A Breast Augmentation patient tells of how she chose Dr. Kim and relates her experience.
Added: 3256 days ago by RoyKimMD
Runtime: 177.42
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Breast Reduction Patient Testimonials - Two Patients
Two patients in Nebraska have Breast Reduction surgery and give a testimonial.
Added: 2889 days ago by ASI_Nebraska
Runtime: 92.50
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Get to Know Dr. Hackney of Dallas
Patients talk about Dr. Hackney of Dallas, TX
Added: 3252 days ago by FredHackneyMD
Runtime: 49.09
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Introducing Orange County Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Wald
An introduction to Fullerton Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert Wald, featuring words from patients and from Dr. Wald himself.
Added: 3239 days ago by RobertWaldMD
Runtime: 185.40
Views: 29293 | Comments: 0
Introducing Piedmont Plastic Surgery
An introduction to Piedmont Plastic Surgery, plus a Video Testimonial from a patient.
Added: 3252 days ago by PiedmontPS
Runtime: 269.82
Views: 23245 | Comments: 0
Introduction to Dr. Grover and Patient Testimonials
An introductory video to Dr. Grover's practice, featuring interviews with Dr. Grover and with several of his patients.
Added: 3254 days ago by SanjayGroverMD
Runtime: 365.81
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Optometrists and Patients Recommend LaserVue
Bay Area optometrists and patients recommend LaserVue Eye Center for vision correction surgery.
Added: 3155 days ago by LaserVue
Runtime: 80.38
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Patient Testimonial: Florida Surgeon Dr. Harrell
A patient discusses Dr. Harrell.
Added: 3252 days ago by CRHarrellMD
Runtime: 54.89
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Patient Testimonial: Tampa Plastic Surgeon Dr. Harrell
A patient expresses her positive feelings about Dr. Harrell.
Added: 3252 days ago by CRHarrellMD
Runtime: 97.94
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Patient Testimonials for Omaha Plastic Surgeons
Along with the surgeons of Aesthetic Surgical Images of Omaha several patients discuss their plastic surgery procedures from rhinoplasty to abdominoplasty. Focus is on safety and quality.
Added: 3257 days ago by ASI_Nebraska
Runtime: 287.55
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Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials Dr. Michael Kulick SF
Patients discuss their experiences looking naturally younger after surgery with San Francisco Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Kulick.
Added: 3079 days ago by KulickMD
Runtime: 290.00
Views: 12265 | Comments: 0
San Antonio Plastic Surgery Video Testimonials
Video testimonials for Dr. Jeneby, San Antonio Plastic Surgeon.
Added: 2640 days ago by TJenebyMD
Runtime: 387.50
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Seattle Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials
Patients describe their experience for multiple plastic surgery procedures.
Added: 3184 days ago by DrGottlieb
Runtime: 96.00
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Testimonial: Plastic Surgery of the Face for Tia in Tampa
Tia discusses her decision to have Plastic Surgery with Tampa and Clearwater Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christian Drehsen.
Added: 3252 days ago by DrehsenMD
Runtime: 94.88
Views: 32988 | Comments: 0
Testimonials for NC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dawkins
Patients tell about their experiences with Dr. Dawkins and note his skill as well as his manner and professionalism
Added: 3256 days ago by HowardDawkinsMD
Runtime: 131.40
Views: 28981 | Comments: 0
Testimonials from Dr. Chaffoo's Patients
Actual patients of Dr. Richard Chaffoo give glowing testimonials of his work.
Added: 2182 days ago by RChafooMD
Runtime: 377.91
Views: 11378 | Comments: 0
Vermont Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials
Testimonials from Plastic Surgery patients of Dr. David Metzner in Vermont..
Added: 2897 days ago by DavidMetznerMD
Runtime: 170.88
Views: 10651 | Comments: 0
Video Patient Testimonials for Dr. Wald of Orange County
Patients discuss Dr. Wald and his practice.
Added: 3238 days ago by RobertWaldMD
Runtime: 170.31
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