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ArteFill Wrinkle Treatment by Dr. Perlman of Houston, TX
Many people are sick and tired of wrinkles, but don't want to undergo the many shots needed to get rid of them. Now, Dr. Joseph Perlman brings first permanent dermal filler to Houston.
Added: 3247 days ago by JPerlmanMD
Runtime: 104.58
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Dr. Brahme discusses filler options for reducing wrinkles.

Added: 2136 days ago by LSaltzMD
Runtime: 206.67
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Dr. David Metzner: Jane's Plastic Surgery Procedures
Dr. David Metzner of Vermont performs the following procedures to improve the appearance of patient Jane: rhinoplasty, necklift, facelift, browlift, blepharoplasty, wrinkle reduction, breast augmentation, liposuction of abdomen and chin implant.
Added: 3248 days ago by DavidMetznerMD
Runtime: 417.54
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Extreme Makeover - Kerra and Dr. Zarem
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Harvey Zarem of Santa Monica helps repair the face of Kerra. Kerra is the wife of a Special Operations Officer. She was bitten in the face by a spider.
Added: 3250 days ago by HarveyZaremMD
Runtime: 498.42
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Fat Transfer - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware
The Fat Transfer Procedure to fill in wrinkles with Dr. Neil deLeeuw of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware.
Added: 3134 days ago by deLeeuwMD
Runtime: 43.30
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Importance of Board Certification and Trends in Surgery
Dr. Wiener discusses the importance of choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in light of the Donde West tragedy. He goes on to discuss wrinkle erasing procedures with laser treatment, Silicone Breast Implants, Ultrasonic Liposuction and the Mid-Facelift.
Added: 3230 days ago by GWienerMD
Runtime: 303.49
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Latest Trends in Breast, Body and Face with Dr. Wiener
Dr. Wiener discusses Silicone and Saline Breast Implants, Non-Invasive Surgeries, Injectables, Liposuction, Smartlipo and more.
Added: 3230 days ago by GWienerMD
Runtime: 198.92
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LipoDissolve Chicago - Avoid Turkey Neck - Remove Fat
Dr. Epstein, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of Chicago, on how to quickly treat so-called turkey neck, an effect of aging where the neck sags, wrinkles and gets too thick with LipoDissolve.
Added: 2995 days ago by MikeEpsteinMD
Runtime: 137.20
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Phoenix AZ Wrinkle Treatments
Dr. Sean Lille of Scottsdale demonstrates wrinkle treatments.
Added: 3252 days ago by SeanTLilleMD
Runtime: 254.79
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Radiance Treatments with Phoenix Plastic Surgeon Dr. Lille
Dr. Sean Lille treats a patient with Radiance
Added: 3252 days ago by SeanTLilleMD
Runtime: 216.28
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Radiesse: Long-Term Effective Wrinkle Filler
Dr. Michelle Hardaway of Michigan discusses Radiesse and when it should be used.
Added: 3229 days ago by HardawayMD
Runtime: 67.52
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Reducing Wrinkles on Lunch Hour Lifts
Dr. Michael Columbus discusses wrinkle reduction procedures which are quick and highly effective.
Added: 3164 days ago by TPSG
Runtime: 155.39
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Revolutionary Treatment for Wrinkles: Restylane
Restylane, available at The Plastic Surgery Group, is discussed by patients and by Dr. Gene Ireland.
Added: 3164 days ago by TPSG
Runtime: 195.14
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Learn about Thermage and the use of radio frequency to improve wrinkles.
Added: 2486 days ago by RBehmandMD
Runtime: 47.92
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Wrinkle Reduction San Antonio - Fillers - Lines
Dr. Gary Lawton describes options for reducing wrinkles in the face.
Added: 3047 days ago by LawtonMD
Runtime: 58.97
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